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ASCIITennis (R1-3)

by Neon-J ~62 $0.00


Round 1! Neon VS Olivier! :P (Note: I made a boring start so then we have more ideas later. :P) Please continue with this. I will make the round end after 300 frames. If you waste frames, though, then that won't be tolerated. | 16.07.2009

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ASCIITennis Start!

by Neon-J ~13 $0.00


Round 1! Neon VS Olivier! :P (Note: I made a boring start so then we have more ideas later. :P) | 15.07.2009

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OBEY - Ask this guy what2do.

by Neon-J ~195 $0.00

OBEY THE STICKMAN. D:< OBEY HIMMMMM. (Fix'd) | 07.07.2009

last comment (5) by CTDS3 | 06.07.2011 15:54

Improved 3D Driving

by Neon-J ~3 $0.00

I improved blacknote/guest's movement! :P Easy, methinks. :P | 07.07.2009

last comment (2) by Neon-J | 07.07.2009 13:33

ASCIITennis Start!

by Neon-J ~17 $4.00

Rules: 1. Only create your part when your team is being shot at. (We're playing doubles, by the way.) 2. Don't constantly create your part so your partner can't shoot. 3. Don't force your opponent to lose. That's godmodding, and will result in your team losing with an edit. :P 4. Be creative! How To Join: Comment that you want to join. We will begin with an even number of joiners. How To Play: You will be set to a team randomly, either Team Left or Team Right. If the tennis ball is heading to your team, attempt a hit! (And also be creative with special hits and stuff. :P) After each hit, make sure the ASCIImation ends back on the normal screen with the Tennis Ball heading in the other direction. | 02.07.2009

last comment (4) by Zeus guy | 04.05.2011 16:12

Bleys' Birthday ASCIImation

by Neon-J ~196 $0.00

I made this ASCIImation for Bleys, the creator of Life in Oblivion...but you can see it in it's awesome glory, too! :D | 20.06.2009

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by Neon-J ~42 $3.20

The Lipho can fly using propeller-like...propellers. It is bigger than your average Stickman, and stragely, weighs less. If it goes near strong wind, it becomes unable to control it's flight and either must land, or get flown away. (I love name generators.) | 11.06.2009

last comment (1) by MyO | 07.07.2009 16:04

Dascii (3)

by Neon-J ~108 $1.00


Rules: 1. No time travelling! 2. When you're editing, be sure to write your name at the bottom. 3. Make sure you write who to edit next in the description (this bit.) 4. All other rules and stuff from AsciiCafé. To edit next, Neon chooses darerd! (Rules edited by Neon to make it more clearer kthxbai.) | 10.06.2009

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ASCIIRPG - Punk Part 1

by Neon-J ~83 $3.00

Punk ! Send a COMMENT saying Yes or No if you want to join Neon 's party! (m64 , olive, you will appear in future ASCIImations. I did have you in one, but then i forgot to SAVE. >.<) | 10.06.2009

last comment (8) by Neon-J | 07.07.2010 11:06


by Neon-J ~16 $4.50

One of the pets i thought up. The GirASCII often eats grass and people's hair, if it's spiky enough. It's very long neck enables it to get things for people that they can't normally get, as long as those people are his friends, that is. | 10.06.2009

last comment (5) by Gameinsky | 30.10.2010 20:34

ASCIIRPG Signup Page Thing

by Neon-J ~45 $0.00

This is a new thing i'm going to try. ASCIIRPG! Don't know how well it'll go, but why not? Instructions to join: FILL OUT THIS FORM IN A PM/COMMENT! :D Name: (Max 5 Letters) Symbol: (What you will appear as on the World Map. Cannot copy. I'm the ! mark. You can use letters and numbers, too.) Stats- (Total Max. 25. Any higher and i will lower them) ATK: DEF: INT: STR: Team: (Good/Evil/Make Up Own[Neutral]) That's basically it. Like i said earlier, it might turn out bad, but it's worth a shot for a Zero-Effort-For-You RPG. | 09.06.2009

last comment (2) by Neon-J | 09.06.2009 22:51

Reaction Tester - Revamped!

by Neon-J ~134 $5.00

A new twist to the old Reaction Tester! This time, your score is measured in Time, and not Points! | 05.06.2009

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by Neon-J ~112 $4.00

Stock Meanings: ASC - ASCII Maintenance Co. FLO - Flobbles LOL - ROFLCopter Industries | 21.05.2009

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ASCIImator Battle TWO (9)

by Neon-J ~650 $4.00


Yay! New episodes! :D MY TOOL TO MOVE THE WORDS BROKE! D: They only went so far... | 19.05.2009

last comment (1) by asiekierka | 19.05.2009 15:27

Dice Roll - Revamped!

by Neon-J ~25 $5.00

It's a game! Use the player, and press Pause to stop the dice from rolling. It's random and awesome in loads of pieces! (Now with more numbers!) | 16.05.2009

last comment (1) by -7 | 17.05.2009 12:17
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