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Head-Changing Clock

by Dragonphase ~120 $4.50

Loads of clocks... "Time is a woman's greatest enemy"... Cool, 'cos i'm a man! | 29.08.2009

last comment (1) by Gameinsky | 29.08.2009 22:23

Flash Clock

by Dragonphase ~60 $5.00

I almost spelled the name wrong... oops ;D | 29.08.2009

last comment (2) by sepehrnoor | 29.06.2011 19:22

Bounce Clock

by Dragonphase ~300 $5.00

Most of you new people may not know that i had a knack for creating bounce asciimations. This clock is made with an old version of Bounce 4. Enjoy =) | 29.08.2009

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Pyramid Clock

by Dragonphase ~80 $0.00

Spare-time fun, lol! | 29.08.2009

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by Dragonphase ~28 $5.00

Have you ever wondered this? if you publish a Flash movie without a preloader... it loads straight away... but adding the preloader wastes time... so WHICH douchebag thought it to be a good idea to ADD the preloader in the First place? | 24.08.2009

last comment (4) by asiekierka | 26.08.2009 08:39


by Dragonphase ~9 $3.50

Lol =) | 24.08.2009

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The Masheen

by Dragonphase ~25 $5.00

I have no idea what it does... forgot to publicate | 10.08.2009

last comment (2) by origamiguy | 10.08.2009 22:37

A Sci Module Gun version 1.2

by Dragonphase ~261 $5.00


A symbol weaponry made for counterattacking various foes or obstackles. This stickman-operated version of the basic A Sci Symbol Sentry may attack with various tricks. Used modules: Symbolchain gun [MyO] Binary gun (ROTWOOT type, mixes symbols) (lowered power) [MyO] DX-Laser Gun (Disintergrates any inanimate obstacle) [iWolf (Divinity Boy)] Collab! ;) You may contribute to the gun creation by editing this module gun file and creating new modules. Rules: do not attack Pizoo, Ducks or Clouds, preserve the stickmanned gun and mark the name of the module after adding (with your nick). Also, preserve editors' nicks with the modules and edit file version number in the filename. | 04.08.2009

last comment (3) by Gameinsky | 04.08.2009 23:09


by Dragonphase ~95 $4.50

<Insert Description Here> | 04.08.2009

last comment (2) by Dragonphase | 05.08.2009 14:22


by Dragonphase ~64 $5.00

Robo-0o0 is a robot creature that only listens to whatever it wants... Don't ask me why, he created himself! | 03.08.2009

last comment (1) by MyO | 04.08.2009 20:20

AsciiChat v1.0

by Dragonphase ~83 $5.00


It's simple; chat, and post some awesome or wierd messages (as long as they're not rude or bad). Feel free to add animations of your character or anything else as long as a comment is posted. add another comment line too if you wanna, add double posts!! Triple posts!!! omgwtflol posts !!!!!!!!! Also, don't eat soap! | 04.02.2009

last comment (3) by Dragonphase | 12.08.2009 12:14

Hexicom V1

by Dragonphase ~53 $5.00

I'M BACK with a Hexicom Death Trap | 27.08.2008

last comment (4) by gecko.jsc | 17.12.2008 16:38

Running Jim

by Dragonphase ~80 $4.75

Jim is my new pet buddy; he likes to run a lot! | 30.07.2008

last comment (6) by rtnario | 06.08.2008 11:16


by Dragonphase ~137 $4.00

But our technologies had advanced even more. we were all marooned on an abandonned planet named A-T 469. The planet was inhabited with species like Humans; there was air, days and nights and other essential things needed for Human life. Except, it wasn't the sun we were orbiting; it was another, larger star, and red. "Red Sun" was it's name, and because there was few oceans on A-T 469 and because it was a Red Sun, the planet's sky was an orang-red colour. Technoligies were advanced; we could alter atoms and change them to our liking; thus we could create water if we wanted. it would take 60 A-T Years to provide one ocean. A-T 469 was 3 times bigger than Earth, and if the process was completed it would have a blue sky soon. | 28.07.2008

last comment (5) by Gameinsky | 12.08.2009 13:28

The First Jump

by Dragonphase ~35 $5.00

Creature uses arms to jump high. (this isn't what i'm working on, bluesboy) | 28.07.2008

last comment (1) by origamiguy | 05.06.2009 11:40
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