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by Bionicbeetle ~532 $5.00

I began work on this in October the 27th, Four months and 2 days ago. I worked on it for a day, left it for a month (due to certain... circumstances) and it's been sitting around waiting to be finished ever since. it's still not quite finished, but the time came where I need to make this reference. For time itself. | 01.03.2010

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Dumb Boredom.

by Bionicbeetle ~57 $5.00


I haven't published anything for a while, so I threw this together. | 23.11.2009

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by Bionicbeetle ~132 $0.00

Reworked, like Stick Creation inc. was. A generally better Avatar. I will probably use it for other purposes, too. | 07.11.2009

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The 1st ASCII since Crash #3

by Bionicbeetle ~30 $0.00

W00T, long title :P Anyway, a quick Animation to take the spot :PP | 29.10.2009

last comment (2) by Bionicbeetle | 01.11.2009 11:07

Rain on the young Earth

by Bionicbeetle ~53 $5.00

A small depiction of what it could have been like fairly early in the Earth's formation, in the Impact era, which rain showered down for the first time. Huge Lightning storms would sweep across the Planet, some of these, possibly, creating the first oozes of life. Seeing an immensly bright "shooting star" was not uncommon at this time, as Thousands of Asteroids from a destroyed object bewtween Mars and Jupiter swept towards the sun or in a long orbit just inside Jupiters orbit, or further out. | 26.10.2009

last comment (5) by Bionicbeetle | 27.10.2009 13:31

Rain tester

by Bionicbeetle ~19 $0.00

It's only a simple test, so excuse me for the cheap use of two frames :P There's something about Rain I find so familiar…it almost "touches" me. | 25.10.2009

last comment (2) by Bionicbeetle | 26.10.2009 20:14

ASCIIRPG tour.1 7G7-Bio (1)

by Bionicbeetle ~34 $0.00


Please play fair, look on the forum topic for more information. Only 7Games7 and Bionicbeetle can play in this one. This terrain is Destructable, and can be influenced. # = 100 HP ≡ = 75 HP (Okay?) = = 50 HP - = 25 HP E = 100 E 3 = 50 E e = 25 E | 24.10.2009

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by Bionicbeetle ~477 $5.00

A Poor Asciimation, but I'm not feeling good, and this is an attempt to cheer me up. | 22.10.2009

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Zegtec/Laser blaster

by Bionicbeetle ~400 $0.00

The Zegtec is an odd creature, created and bred for military purposes. It will generally destroy anything it sees, unless what it sees isn't appearing to approach it or something it's guarding. By unknown means, the Zegtecs have acquired odd Laser Manipulators, making them even more deadly. | 20.10.2009

last comment (2) by Bionicbeetle | 21.10.2009 09:19

Clone creator

by Bionicbeetle ~159 $5.00

Testing out my cloning device! | 17.10.2009

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by Bionicbeetle ~44 $0.00

Made while Ashley was at my house, showing a simple animation sequence. '~' /|\ / \ | 17.10.2009

last comment (5) by Bionicbeetle | 17.10.2009 18:13

Stick Creation inc.

by Bionicbeetle ~45 $5.00

Authorised, bugfix'd and generally improved. | 15.10.2009

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ASCIIplanets tester

by Bionicbeetle ~64 $0.00


The motion of a Gas giant with a single, large moon is shown here. This is a simple test, and it tests several of the needed things for accurate presentation of a Celestial body's orbit around another. A slightly elliptical Orbit was used, and at Aphelion, the Planet appeared to stop in motion for two frames, representing the path from the viewpoint's slowness, due to the angle. For ease, the Moon orbits at the same rate as the Planet moves around the sun. The Planet is fairly large compared to the star, making it probable that a Tidal lock is true here. The Moon would move at a fast rate from the surface, and the Star would seem huge, making for a very interesting Planet. *Update* Bug fixed, now there is no stop in motion. the Moon dissapears for a frame, but nothing else. The Orbit is elliptical though, being a few spaces further on the left than from the right. This makes it appear the moon is oddly locked in motion with the star. That is only minor, though. | 11.10.2009

last comment (7) by Bionicbeetle | 04.11.2009 21:16

Randomness (6)

by Bionicbeetle ~811 $0.00


A random story. Add anything you want. It must be random. Just like cfive. Don't forget to increase the version number when you edit. Toasters! | 11.10.2009

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Bionicbeetle's ASCIIcard.

by Bionicbeetle ~58 $0.00

Mah ASCIIcard. No touching! :O | 11.10.2009

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