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ASCIImators Battle (356)

by CTDSThree ~410 $0.00


1. To take/edit the asciimation, click on @ near by to the title, 2. After editing, save it with the "make an open source box CHECKED. 3. Don't make the asciimation looped, don't edit previous frames. 4. Leave these tips in comments of your version of animation. 5. Tag your version with contest:asciimators battle. 6. Try to come up with original content (for example, don't overdo morphing) 7. If you show no sign of completing your part for 7 days straight then anyone can instead make the next part. Do not delay the others. Yes, Gameinsky, this IS the entry of fast vehicles. And lazzyness. And EAT CRAP TEHSEVEN! I CAN ATTACK PEOPLE WITH TEXT WHENEVER I WANT! LIKE IN THE NEXT ENTRY I'M DOING! oPPS... *removed the broken easter egg *and apparently i was so sick of the fact that i was talking too fast that i had to edit THAT too, wow lazy lazy lazzzzzzzzzzzzzy | 28.06.2016

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