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ASCIImator story part 33

asciimation by sepehrnoor, 04.04.2012

04.04.2012 16:06

by sepehrnoor

Olivier or Awe, would you continue this?
I don't want a random user with no clue about the storyline pull a random stunt.
04.04.2012 16:22

by aarex

Added Part 33 of ASCIImator story.
04.04.2012 16:22

by aarex

Myself is Part 32!
04.04.2012 22:08

by Gameinsky

well, i'll gladly follow up tomorrow.
09.04.2012 10:30

by AweAndWonder

"Thank you for choosing RapidASCII!" :)
12.04.2012 13:40

by sepehrnoor

RapidASCII is one of the most original content I have seen on ASCIImator
It is as good as ducks, vacuums tubes and torture machines :D

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