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Hey guys!

asciimation by Dragonphase, 30.03.2012

30.03.2012 00:12

by Dragonphase

Just reminiscing on old times, I'm 18 now, and for some strange reason I found it necessary to check up on you guys.

Also if anyone plays minecraft, check out my popular server! (it's a replacement for, deadmau5's official server).
30.03.2012 16:58

by Gameinsky

hey dragonphase, glad to see a familiar face again. I do not own minceraft but I'm sure a lot of people here do :)
01.04.2012 15:21

by AweAndWonder

I play Minecraft.  :)  What's the server address?
30.06.2012 00:33

by Dragonphase

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