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ASCIImators Battle (219)

asciimation by sepehrnoor, 24.03.2012

24.03.2012 20:35

by Gameinsky

oh, imma beat the crap out of you now!
25.03.2012 09:54

by AweAndWonder

:D 5/5
25.03.2012 17:25

by S4mT33

That was amazing, I got owned xD
25.03.2012 22:32

by sepehrnoor

@S4mT33: xD

Oh and lol, who tagged this as orbital "friendship" cannon?
I was referring to the "Low Orbital Ion Cannon" from C&C
Or something like that. Looks more like a warhead or torpedo, though...
26.03.2012 23:06

by S4mT33

Heh, that was me :3
You can just change it anyway, so I figured I may as well :P

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