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Guess who's back...

asciimation by origamiguy, 25.01.2012

25.01.2012 12:05

by Zeus guy

Yay, another moderator is back!
25.01.2012 12:42

by sepehrnoor

YAY! Welcome back. You won't remember me, lol.
But please stay :)
25.01.2012 13:10

by Gameinsky

welcome back.

Sincerely, the guy that spammed mediocre ASCIImations
25.01.2012 20:57

by AweAndWonder

AWESOME!!!  :D  Welcome back, though you won't remember me either, lol.

I think you would really be good at the new Abstract collab, btw.
09.02.2012 01:07

by CTDS3

You won't remember me, but i am doin good with my ascii, would u like too see one?

Let's hope he doesn't meet fate like C5.
14.10.2012 00:19

by sepehrnoor

I just realized the title and the description of this ASCII can be a reference to Eminem
30.06.2016 14:16

by Gameinsky

Yes it is.

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