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vestale t3

asciimation by yt75, 31.12.2011

31.12.2011 12:14

by Gameinsky

You're a great artist!
One problem tho is that her face makes her look like a dog :/
Dog-lady? :P
But I can understand as ASCII-art has a very big limit...
If you want I can help you with some translations, I've been educated in French.
31.12.2011 15:40

by yt75

Thks, it's meant to be a "sphinge" also, more or less, so the animal aspect is ok, on which frame you think it looks like a dog ?
Otherwise still have to work on the timing quite a bit
(this is in fact an old stuff I did in 92 or 93, had lost the original file which was as a perl program, but found an output back)
31.12.2011 18:26

by Gameinsky

Pretty much on any frame where she looks sidewards.

                                  6 ooo
                                 :_ joo
                                 _ || _
It may not look like a dog for you, but I think that the combination of her hair and the ":" makes her look like a puddle...
02.01.2012 11:01

by yt75

To me it looks more like a sphinx ! :)
14.02.2012 15:06

by yt75

in fact would have prefered the head to be relatively a bit smaller, but ascii is ascii for sure..
14.02.2012 20:22

by Gameinsky

it's very hard to draw a very small woman in ASCII...

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