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A weakness

asciimation by CTDS3, 19.08.2011

19.08.2011 22:40

by Gameinsky

I'm a trilingual, so I hope you have no problems with that.
19.08.2011 23:04

by CTDS3

It said bilingual, not trilingual. HA!
20.08.2011 13:06

by sepehrnoor

Bilingual = knows two languages
Trilingual = knows three languages
So, it's harder to talk to trilinguals than bilinguals.
Also, I'm TETRALINGUAL (and soon going to be pentalingual). Deal with it.
20.08.2011 13:21

by CTDS3

The only lingual I have trouble with is a bilingual. I can handle all the rest though! Strange, isn't it?
20.08.2011 13:37

by sepehrnoor

Salam, doost.
Merhaba, arkadaş.
Hello, friend.
Hallå, kompis.
Привет друг.

So you have no problem with that ?
20.08.2011 16:07

by CTDS3

Yep, I have a secret to my success!
23.08.2011 13:41

by AweAndWonder

lol  I only have problems with people who don't speak/write English whatsoever AND cannot physically make body/facial expressions (this is actually a much larger percentage of communication than speaking).
Seriously, more languages need to be better integrated into the American education system, or I'll be (1.5)lingual forever.
23.08.2011 22:06

by CTDS3

Yay, AweAndWonder's back!
24.08.2011 05:51

by AweAndWonder

Um... thanks, but I wasn't really gone.  I just haven't been ASCIImating.  And I may or may not soon... depending.

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