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ASCIImators Battle (125)

asciimation by Zeus guy, 26.06.2011

26.06.2011 12:44

by sepehrnoor

That was Olivier's idea, right ?
26.06.2011 13:03

by Gameinsky

yeah, my fruitmachine :P
26.06.2011 13:25

by AweAndWonder

Fruitmachine?  What's a fruitmachine? :P  I thought it was an elevator... of sorts.

Zeus Guy, you're really good, but please try to come up with more original stuff...
26.06.2011 13:27

by Gameinsky

Fruitmachine = casinoslot!
26.06.2011 13:40

by AweAndWonder

Oh, 'cause there are fruit on the slot machine!  *facepalm*
Yeah, it does looks more like a slot machine than an elevator...
27.06.2011 22:52

by Gameinsky

sooo, anyone next ? else I can go - tomorrow.
27.06.2011 23:08

by Gameinsky

Ooh, I'll do!
just got an idea!

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