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asciimation by Daveil, 30.06.2006

30.06.2006 15:16

by guest

30.06.2006 20:07

by doomstrawberry

scientific and enteraining!
01.07.2006 02:27

by karaboz

very cool
01.07.2006 04:17

by Daveil

more National Geographic movies to come. I am working on
06.07.2006 18:31

by Computergeek93

06.07.2006 18:49

by mcinnis

wow, cool acimation
09.07.2006 00:28

by japanfanatic

Sooo awesome!
06.09.2009 20:22

by Gameinsky

One scientific eror, our star has not eough mass to turn into a black hole.
Ok, two errors then!
A black hole on the position of out sun will not slorp earth.
(that's what they say atleast)
06.09.2009 21:40

by Bionicbeetle

That is, a Solar Mass Black hole.
we'd be plenty far enough away to be able to Orbit a black hole.
149 million miles= good distance.
06.09.2009 21:41

by Bionicbeetle

Hm, I love the Animation of the Orbit though. I'll use this for ASCIIplanets!

I think for improvements, show contraction of the star for about three frames before blowing it to pieces.

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