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asciimation by Ponky, 24.04.2011

24.04.2011 18:21

by Ponky

Oops, wasn't supposed to loop, guess I'm too bored to go back and correct it.
24.04.2011 20:15

by MyO

Hi, Ponky!
24.04.2011 21:47

by Gameinsky

but, that is decent art.
24.04.2011 22:02

by Credit

Nice adventure you had there. Maybe i should asciimate one of mine too, such as when my boot got stuck in some mud.
25.04.2011 15:03

by Ponky

do it!
26.04.2011 02:36

by AweAndWonder

That must have hurt!
26.04.2011 17:11

by Dragonphase

Hello Ponky~ It's sure nice to see an asciimation by you!
26.04.2011 17:12

by Dragonphase

And it sure is nice to see you again!
28.04.2011 15:37

by Ponky

Thanks! And yeah same back atcha! It's been a while!
01.05.2011 22:40

by gecko.jsc

O hai Ponky! I missed this! :D
08.07.2011 11:57

by sepehrnoor

ASCIImator is dying out now :/
21.07.2011 16:13

by CTDS3

Ponky, I'm bored too! I will be trying to come up with ideas
   /for my latest fantasy:The Wacky World of CubixIII!
┌ ┌
11.08.2011 18:13

by CTDS3

Boredom doesn't stop me from ASCIImating :D
16.07.2016 20:11

by Gameinsky

It's funny how we were complaining about ASCIImator's dead state back then but it's much worse now.

Nothing really happens aside from the occasional "Cfive is back" followed by years of silence.

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