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Intelligence (19)

asciimation by Ratfink, 11.10.2010

11.10.2010 11:40

by Gameinsky

pwnage :D
Reminds me of kelleroid and me guest survival collab.
11.10.2010 20:40

by Gameinsky

I still wonder who that lupo-person was ...
11.10.2010 20:58

by -7

Nice! Also, if they will fight me, don't forget this:
20.10.2010 15:04

by MyO

Excellent animation technique.
27.12.2010 21:57

by Gameinsky

Where's the sequel, yo ? this serie is awesome!
27.12.2010 22:20

by Ascimator

Wait, he was online just today...
RAAAATFINK! I got you!
28.12.2010 02:48

by Ratfink

Yes, you got me!  I want to make another episode of Intelligence before Christmas break ends.  Plus, with my...
...drum roll please...
I can work on it without other people bugging me to let them use the computer.
28.12.2010 12:55

by Ascimator

Oh, and will the 7Games7 fight be designed like the final boss fight?
*Ominous music. Clashing sound, "7Games7" word appears in blade flashes*

Also, where is Rae's animator?
28.12.2010 18:41

by Ratfink

I don't know if there will be a final fight yet.  I still need to get my idea for the plot of the next episode.

Rae's animator is in the real world again, and is never coming back into ASCIImator.  That doesn't necessarily mean that he can't ASCIImate things, though.
28.12.2010 19:43

by Gameinsky

That's what I thought, why don't you make an episode where random things pops up, and might rae and him get some peace.
28.04.2011 02:41

by AweAndWonder

HI!  I just spent at least an hour watching all of the Intelligence series!  Please come back!  Don't leave it hanging like this!!!  PLEASE!!!  :)
Awesome, by the way.

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