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ASCIImators Battle (17)

asciimation by Dragonphase, 22.09.2010

22.09.2010 16:32

by Ascimator

Meh next!
22.09.2010 16:42

by Ascimator

Sorry, I am not. It is this scrolling bug again!
22.09.2010 16:45

by Gameinsky

time for a new ascii.
22.09.2010 18:05

by gecko.jsc

Lol, Eddie Izzard is great. <3
23.09.2010 00:47

by Dragonphase

yes he is. Everything but his style. but it doesn't bother me xD
23.09.2010 20:39

by Dragonphase

Ok, watch this whyile playing that video in the description. It's in sync (when i say "Cake or Death?")
02.10.2010 17:36

by Gameinsky

At a certain time I start stomping away arandomgenius's letters, pause at a moment,what do you read ? yes! you're right!
20.04.2011 10:57

by Gameinsky

I srsly tagged every full episode so I can watch everything in as less possible ascii!
02.12.2015 00:52

by CTDSThree

anus vs olivier

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