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asciimation by Ratfink, 10.07.2010

10.07.2010 12:12

by Ascimator

So, AsCiMaTrIx is working on 7Games7? We are lucky she is quite dumb.
10.07.2010 17:59

by Ratfink

It's not that she's dumb, it's that 7games7 never told them that there were prisoners.  Or at least that's what I thought when I animated it.
10.07.2010 20:54

by Gameinsky

I thought that Alex and me were friends.
Maybe he will try to save me :D
11.07.2010 11:37

by Ascimator

I wonder where Rae`s animator is.
Wait, Bionicbeetle was out for 9 episodes!?
11.07.2010 11:44

by Gameinsky

Rae's animator is in the real wordl, and he can't get in, somehow somethings tells me he can control the asciimation from outside in.
17.07.2010 14:36

by Credit

Dullness (1)
21.08.2010 13:05

by Ascimator

Raaaatfink? Where are you?
01.09.2010 20:34

by -7

She never listens...
/ \
04.09.2010 16:34

by -7

By the way, have you read my PM?

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