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ASCIIgame - Preview 1

asciimation by Neon-J, 16.06.2010

16.06.2010 21:27

by Neon-J

--World Quests--

Great Grassland: Neon-J will introduce you to the game.
Fire Forest: Gecko and Pizoo have separated! Reunite them!
Text Tower: Collect materials to help fix AsCi's zeppelin.
Drenched Desert: Reunite cfive with his duck so he can fly away.
Crashed City: Help olivier take care of those pesky guests!
Harsh Hilltop: Find kelleroid an AWESOME wall to lean on.
Dry Dungeon: Prevent a CERTAIN ANIMATOR from hurting any of Ratfink's friends.
Perilous Pathway: Pick who has the better loader - Divinty Boy or Origami Guy?

Each quest will give you a reward, except World 8, where your choice will affect the game later on.
16.06.2010 21:28

by Neon-J

Oh by the way, if anyone guesses who the CERTAIN ANIMATOR is, they get a cookie.
17.06.2010 00:25

by Dragonphase

is it me?
17.06.2010 00:26

by Dragonphase

^^ the author "me", not DBoy...
17.06.2010 07:08

by kelleroid

I think it's Raes' animator.

BTW, can you use my head? The O with a tilde.
17.06.2010 16:41

by Neon-J

kelleroid wins the cookie! :D

And what, kell? I did. >.>
17.06.2010 16:48

by Gameinsky

Peril hilltop reminds me of the new super mario bros desert world.
17.06.2010 17:48

by Neon-J

Peril Hilltop? You're mixing two worlds together there. It's either Harsh Hilltop or Perilous Pathway, take your pick. :D
17.06.2010 18:36

by kelleroid

Oh, sorry Neon, I must have used a computer without that letter.

I see it.

BTW, I ate about 12 real cookies today.

Restored 9000 health.
17.06.2010 18:38

by kelleroid

By the way, I think you should do a some sort of a teaser trailer.

Like, showcasing the supposed gameplay of World 1.
17.06.2010 18:58

by Neon-J

Actually, kelleroid, I just edited it then "acted" like it was always there. Looks like I tricked you! :D

kell, that's in the plans.

Subliminal Message! :D
17.06.2010 20:02

by Gameinsky

Perilous Pathway
17.06.2010 20:17

by kelleroid

18.06.2010 13:50

by Neon-J

Well, Perilous Pathway was based on NSMBWii's World 8, so I can see where you're getting that from (As the desert world has the lava spews, too.)
08.08.2010 15:04

by x1111

cool fade ins
08.01.2012 00:08

by CTDS3

13 cookeys ate.

Restored over nine thousand health.

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