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The Infernal City

asciimation by dominator, 16.04.2010

16.04.2010 14:17

by dominator

/hypnotoad mode on
It doesn't suck! Rate it "5"! Rate it "5"! xD
16.04.2010 14:56

by Credit

Heroes of Might and Magic 5
16.04.2010 15:11

by dominator

16.04.2010 15:27

by Credit

16.04.2010 16:19

by dominator

16.04.2010 16:50

by Credit

16.04.2010 17:05

by Gameinsky

Nice drawing, water could be a little more realistic thought, 4/5
16.04.2010 17:49

by Credit

          OOOOO   MM   MM  GGGGGGG
         O     O  M M M M  G      G
         O     O  M  M  M  G       
          OOOOO   M     M  G   GG    
                           G     G


If anyone plays RTW or MTW-2 i`ll be happy for a campaign hotseat. Or a custom battle. But the custom battle only on RTW.
16.04.2010 18:08

by dominator

Credit, just google it. ;)
olivier, thx!

My hypnoskill is too low...
24.06.2011 12:26

by sepehrnoor

Elder Scrolls: The Infernal City
04.08.2011 15:22

by CTDS3

04.08.2011 15:28

by CTDS3
28.07.2012 19:05

by dominator

For more than two years Umbriel's denizens have been trying to make the water look more realistic. After many failures, they built powerful scamp-spawning machines directly above the edges of the waterfalls, thus helping others to understand that water is falling down. Machines work tirelessly, each conjuring up to eight scamps at a time!

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