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Block clock

asciimation by -7, 05.04.2010

08.04.2010 04:06

by karaboz

unfortunately, clock contest page does not support animations with frames repetition. As I remembered it must support, but it doesn't. So you should make for instance three separate frames instead of one frame repeated 3 times.
08.04.2010 09:39

by Gameinsky

you decived me with this one.
That was not what I was thinking.
08.04.2010 09:41

by Gameinsky

Needs more mation'!
(you know you only have to make the first 10 frames, yes!
Then you justcopy those and replace the numbers.)
09.04.2010 19:43

by -7

How 'bout now?
09.04.2010 21:44

by Gameinsky

Jumping is still shitty IMO, why didn't you do it like in the coin collector...
11.04.2010 17:05

by -7

10.11.2010 16:19

by Gameinsky

hey, it's much better now :)

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