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ASCIImator - Brutality!

asciimation by dominator, 01.04.2010

01.04.2010 21:02

by Gameinsky

I lol'd!
01.04.2010 21:04

by Gameinsky

Epic win over there ^
01.04.2010 21:06

by dominator

02.04.2010 02:19

by Ratfink

I'd recommend getting rid of the looping.  Other than that, EPIC!  5/5
02.04.2010 02:26

by Dragonphase

Legendary! I'm adding this! 5/5 and you may see it randomly appear as the title on the top some time!
02.04.2010 04:01

by Credit

I feel compassion. :( Still, good one.
02.04.2010 18:32

by dominator

Fixed some glitches and made it 50ms/frame.
05.04.2010 22:26

by Gameinsky

You know, you have already 3 karma point (wow)
I wonder how i got 5.

I know I earned one from karaboz, and from wolf.
Maybe brutto too and origiamyguy.
But who is the fifth ?
09.04.2010 20:04

by Dragonphase

You earned it olivier. You're in the golden community now!
09.04.2010 21:43

by Gameinsky

Yeah, thanks, you were the first one to give me karma, but I never knew I would be golden, thanks alot :D
28.06.2011 21:51

by kelleroid

This appeared both in the top and the Random Asciimation.
28.06.2011 22:26

by Gameinsky

same could be said of dominator now.
04.08.2011 15:33

by CTDS3
05.08.2011 00:43

by Gameinsky

I swear that if I could limit you in comment I would!

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