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Color Spectrum

asciimation by Dragonphase, 06.03.2010

06.03.2010 19:43

by Dragonphase

Please use this in internet explorer or firefox
06.03.2010 22:00

by Credit

It says i need to download a plugin to display the content. What is the content?
06.03.2010 22:28

by Dragonphase

a song..
06.03.2010 22:28

by Dragonphase

don't worry its not a rick roll, halfway through the song is a relaxing part suitable for a colour spectrum
06.03.2010 22:52

by Gameinsky

it works on chrome, not in my headphones but on my boxes, weird, very weird!
31.03.2010 13:44

by Neon-J

Dosen't work on Firefox.

Yeah, I switched. The latest Opera update broke Flash.
07.04.2011 04:02

by AweAndWonder

:(  I tried the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer and all I got was these lines of code:

<EMBED SRC=" au5-ThatsNotTrue%20%28dream%20electro%20mix%29.mp3" HIDDEN="true" AUTOSTART="true" LOOP="true">

Might be because I'm using dial-up, but then it would at least try to buffer it, and I have a feeling that I'm not suppose to see the code.
07.04.2011 16:41

by Gameinsky

HTML has been drived out of ASCIImator.
13.04.2011 00:22

by Credit


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