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Spoken Clock

asciimation by Neon-J, 05.03.2010

05.03.2010 14:00

by Credit

Send this "clock" to school! He can`t count higher than 9!!!:(
05.03.2010 14:04

by Neon-J

They are currently at the school of Linetalkthing, first learning how to count alongside eachother, then learning how to count higher than 9.

So first, they'll be like this!

  One   Six     Zero  Four
   /     /   o   /     /
  O     O       O     O
 /|\   /|\   o /|\   /|\
 / \   / \     / \   / \

(Note the time of comment post.)
05.03.2010 21:59

by dominator

I think that's a bit compicate for being a clock, because you need some time to read the numbers and understand, what time actually is now. 
Of course, there are even more complicated clocks on the contest page, but I don't like them (as clocks) too. They're nice asciimations, but not so handy as chronometres. =)
But it's just my opinion, it's up to you to decide how it have to look like. ;)

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