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asciimation by dominator, 04.03.2010

04.03.2010 20:45

by dominator

It wasn't an explosion in the end, more like that Half-Life vortigont teleportation thingy.

And yes, this means that you may see dominator's adventures in the other dimensions. ;)
04.03.2010 23:13

by Credit

Would be a lot cooler if that was an explosion, heh.
05.03.2010 14:47

by dominator

05.03.2010 14:50

by Credit

Congrats, you have just been caught online there!

It seems too big to seem like a teleport thingy and not like an explosion.
05.03.2010 20:54

by dominator

Well, then that's the unique one.
05.03.2010 21:14

by dominator

After much deliberation, I've changed it a bit so everyone should be satisfied now.

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