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ASCIImator Matr1x Ed1t10n

asciimation by dominator, 19.02.2010

19.02.2010 18:23

by Gameinsky

Nice one
19.02.2010 19:09

by kelleroid

You're becoming better and better!
Now someone should put this on the cycling logo.
19.02.2010 19:14

by Credit

He definitely has talent, unlike me.:(
25.02.2010 19:01

by Тиксен

04.03.2010 16:48

by dominator

I discovered a little glitch, now it's fixed.
05.03.2010 13:58

by Neon-J

Hey look, it's an ASCIImatrix.

Dominator, if I was a mod, I'd have karma'd you by now.

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