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A Discovery!

asciimation by Dragonphase, 31.01.2010

31.01.2010 22:46

by Ratfink

I figured it out when, in making an episode of Intelligence, I set the description to something like "Episode 4: <title to be inserted later>" and the "<title to be inserted later>" part didn't appear.  Later, I decided to try adding an <em> tag, and it emphasized the text!

Now I'm wondering if the comments work like that too.  If this is emphasized, they too have HTML allowed.</em>
01.02.2010 09:15

by Bionicbeetle

I saw this somewhere on a Black Animator's ASCII a while back, but it was kinda bland.
01.02.2010 16:49

by Gameinsky

4, four discovery!
18.04.2010 18:04

by Credit

Well, now it can`t. :(
18.04.2010 19:10

by kelleroid

No Kpedit, you don't get it.
It's great that theres no HTML available in the descriptions and stuff!

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