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Stickie's Edventure REDUX

asciimation by asiekierka, 27.01.2010

27.01.2010 17:55

by Ascimator

Yay! Asie`s back!
I have a surprise!      )
                       ( )
   Yummy...             |
   /           |/     .---.
 d0b          _0-     | :)|
 /|\           |\    _|___|_
 / \          / \    |     |
28.01.2010 14:36

by kelleroid

28.01.2010 17:42

by gecko.jsc

Asie's back! It's not in the most recent forum posts anymore, but did you know that ASCIImator DS has been made? You were the one that really wanted it in the ideas thread, so I thought you'd like to know. :D
28.01.2010 17:45

by asiekierka

Oh yes I do! I've been following this!
Also I'm happy that I'm not the only oldbie that is still active!

PS. Gecko, you should make some ASCIIMATIONS! :D
28.01.2010 21:26

by Gameinsky

Gecko has a project of creating an rpg at this moment, not sure about it thought but we are looking towards it !
but maybe he is to busy
29.01.2010 13:55

by Neon-J

I thought I was an oldbie. D:
29.01.2010 13:56

by asiekierka

Oh, sorry, didn't notice you there.
29.01.2010 14:02

by Neon-J

Nice timing - we're both on at the same time? XD (I gotta head off now anyway)

But yeah, i made some shorts if you wanna look at 'em.
29.01.2010 21:57

by Ratfink

Gecko is making an RPG?  Cool!  I assume in the style of ASCIImator, right?  If so...

Oh boy, I can hardly wait!
/ \
29.01.2010 23:00

by Gameinsky

It has unfortunately nothing to do with ASCII, and he is doing that with tons of people helping him (about 15...)
29.01.2010 23:34

by Ratfink

Oh, then there's still time for me to make my ASCIImator-style RPG!  Now I just need to finish learning C so I can make it...
30.01.2010 00:08

by Neon-J

Ahem. You could just learn BYOND and make it a MMORPG...
30.01.2010 01:26

by Ratfink

Looks like to play BYOND games Windows is a requirement.  Therefore I can not use it.

Linux FTW!
/ \

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