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Neon's Boomerang

asciimation by Neon-J, 15.01.2010

15.01.2010 23:27

by Neon-J

Hey. I'm adding the tag "neon shorts" to all my quick short ASCIImations. Just thought I'd tell you! ^^
16.01.2010 04:29

by Ratfink

I really like this animation.  It just looks so...realistic to me.
16.01.2010 13:10

by kelleroid

Macron usage o.0
17.01.2010 02:38

by Neon-J

I always use macrons, kelleroid.

And Ratfink, that's probably because it's at 25 ms/frame.
17.01.2010 13:51

by kelleroid

Neon, BTW, is throwing a random boomerang an important event?
18.01.2010 11:01

by Neon-J

...Yeah. It, uh, celebrates that tazmanian tiger that saved the world with boomerangs long ago...yeah.

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