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asciimation by Gameinsky, 24.12.2009

24.12.2009 14:23

by Im

OMFG, a laz0r beam!
24.12.2009 17:40

by kelleroid

I can't understand what this thing is about.

All I see is [del]some stupid symbols[/del] a box rotating left and right for 30 degrees every second.
03.12.2011 14:00

by CTDS3

03.12.2011 15:44

by AweAndWonder

>_<  Why are you calling Olivier Olivia?
05.12.2011 09:04

by sepehrnoor

Uhh, I don't get it.
09.12.2011 22:18

by CTDS3

Olivier is Olivia in french
09.12.2011 23:13

by Gameinsky

Olivier is french for "Oliver"
Olivia is an Italian Girl's name.

Now you.
10.12.2011 23:33

by sepehrnoor

"Illusion, is it going away or to you ?"
I still don't get it.
11.12.2011 11:22

by Gameinsky

I imagine that it's moving, but it looks like it's moving to you and away from you.

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