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Half-Life (1)

asciimation by kelleroid, 10.10.2009

10.10.2009 21:20

by Bionicbeetle

*doesn't make an O_O face, but an -_- face*
10.10.2009 22:30

by Neon-J

I make an -.- face, followed by a *facepalm* once I saw the end.

Seriously, 10 minutes? My ASCIImations take at LEAST 3 hours.
10.10.2009 22:56

by kelleroid

It was late evening and I barely had any time.
I think on 11th I will get it atleast 1 min long. I hope.
10.10.2009 22:56

by kelleroid

Or, I'd say, scrap it.
ASCII is not so good for FPS recreation.
22.12.2011 18:41

by CTDS3

I make not a O_O face, BUT A >_< FACE!

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