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Impossible Triangle

asciimation by chips62, 28.08.2009

28.08.2009 13:40

by Gameinsky

Escher FTW!
28.08.2009 14:31

by origamiguy

change the bottom three .s to 's and ADD A GODDAMN EPILEPSY WARNING!!
28.08.2009 14:52

by chips62

there's the warning. you can't expect me to change 90 dots to apostrophes
28.08.2009 18:42

by Ascimator

use the find-replase
29.08.2009 00:37

by origamiguy

yes I can.
you should have done it right to start with.
29.08.2009 11:52

by chips62

I didn't know that the dots which were supposed to be in the middle were so low.

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