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Olivier's tower

asciimation by Gameinsky, 30.07.2009

04.09.2009 17:22

by Bionicbeetle

Hm, how do you do those realistic Pans? I can't seem to make them look natural. they don't seem to change speed.
Oh, panning means the slide of the view.
04.09.2009 18:11

by Gameinsky

At the begin (use the shift option) and shift each frame once for about 2 frames, then start to shift two times in one direction whenever the distance is long enough.
Then at the end make it go slower again.
29.11.2009 22:04

by Gameinsky

30.11.2009 10:09

by Bionicbeetle

*A few seconds later, an ear-piercing screech can be heard, followed by a sonic boom.*
24.10.2011 19:27

by Gameinsky

Late correction: sonic rainboom

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