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Rube Goldberg

asciimation by ddgc (AFK Forever), 10.07.2009

11.07.2009 15:14

by ArtZ

Add more frames to end =)
11.07.2009 20:12

by Gameinsky

He is gone forever...
Another incomplete thing...
04.02.2010 20:43

by Dragonphase

ddgc, You must come back time after time to check on the site :(

And you must tell us what ddgc means ddgc!!
04.02.2010 21:25

by Gameinsky

Daniel Dabu G???? C????
04.04.2010 12:05

by Gameinsky

DanielDabu@Gmail.Com ?
We've found out ?
05.04.2010 21:42

by Ratfink

We should make a contest of completing this machine.  It looks so promising.  4/5 since it's not complete.

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