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ASCIImators World Refresh 36

asciimation by asiekierka, 21.06.2009

21.06.2009 10:41

by Ascimator

me next
21.06.2009 10:43

by Ascimator

hey i cant go to the end of that in editor!
21.06.2009 14:58

by asiekierka

Why? If you have IE/Firefox/Opera/Chrome, you should be able to.
22.06.2009 06:00

by Ascimator

then, can I make AWR.1.36?
i have Opera
22.06.2009 17:31

by asiekierka

Sure! Everyone can!
22.06.2009 20:32

by Gameinsky

where are all the golden asciimators ???

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