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New ASCIImatorBattle trailer

asciimation by asiekierka, 20.06.2009

20.06.2009 19:51

by Gameinsky

awesome trailer!
20.06.2009 19:55

by asiekierka

heh. when i finish ASCIImator Battle II, this will start.
Basically it's ASCIImator Battle with SCENERY and you don't need to just kill the opponent, he can hide, and you can destroy other stuff, basically ASCIImator Battle... on STEROIDS! :D
20.06.2009 20:04

by Gameinsky

wow , can't wait , hey a lolcopter craching the wtc ?
20.06.2009 20:27

by asiekierka

...That's why it's ASCIImator Battle ON STEROIDS :D

We MUST have our own 9/11! LOL
20.06.2009 22:35

by Bluesboyjr

All done in the best possible taste?
21.06.2009 07:58

by asiekierka

21.06.2009 10:24

by asiekierka

Also, like it? Hate it? Can't wait? Then rate!

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