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Flipping coin clock

asciimation by Gameinsky, 20.06.2009

20.06.2009 12:41

by -7

It looks more like closing and opening or getting smaller and bigger 4/5
20.06.2009 13:41

by Gameinsky

have a little imagination is all you need!
26.08.2009 18:23

by Dragonphase

This has been published twice? Please remove this.
26.08.2009 18:24

by Dragonphase

I know i have the privilege to remove it but then you wouldn't know why i did it. lol!
26.08.2009 18:27

by Gameinsky

Ermmmm, this is the real version, the other was a refrech, so i unpublished the refrech instand.
13.09.2009 16:35

by Gameinsky

Can you please add it now ?

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