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Stereoscopic ASCII Art (3D)

asciimation by gecko.jsc, 01.06.2009

01.06.2009 21:05

by origamiguy

damn - i can't do the cross method =(
01.06.2009 22:14

by gecko.jsc

You should be able to eventually, but it took me about 10 minutes of practise to get it, then a lot more practise to master it.
01.06.2009 23:21

by Ponky

Easy peasy :P mastered it in about 10 seconds
02.06.2009 07:26

by asiekierka

I already mastered it before, long ago. I can keep the cross for quite a while!

If you make a 3D asciimation, I will hack asciimator to give you 10/5.
02.06.2009 11:29

by Neon-J

That is awesome. Took me a while to do it.
We *SO* need more of these.
02.06.2009 15:45

by Bluesboyjr

I put my face right up against the screen, and I kinda got it! A 5/5 for inventiveness!
02.06.2009 17:49

by gecko.jsc

Thanks guys for the positive feedback!
@asie: I guess I'll get working then!
03.06.2009 17:43

by origamiguy

already tried, i hacked it to vote 6 and it gave you a total rating of -1....... for some reason.
05.04.2010 22:41

by Gameinsky

I first didn't get it, now I think I know.

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