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wierd pendulair klock

asciimation by Gameinsky, 16.05.2009

16.05.2009 21:56

by niimporta

Very Good!
16.05.2009 22:05

by Gameinsky

16.05.2009 22:11

by niimporta

You're Welcome!
16.05.2009 22:58

by Neon-J

The animations must be complete before each number, so this can't go on the competition. It's good nonetheless, just slow.
08.08.2010 13:27

by aazam

You spelled clock wrong!
08.08.2010 13:40

by Ascimator

He is Dutch.
09.08.2010 11:20

by Gameinsky

Yeah and there it's spelled "klok" and my English wasn't ultimate back then, now it is.

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