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pixelmario - Mario [fixed]

asciimation by asiekierka, 06.02.2009

06.02.2009 20:06

by asiekierka

Now this is true PIXELmator. :)

I did it by using FireBug. Sadly, it quite breaks sometimes, that's what you get for hax0ring asciimator.
07.02.2009 10:52

by origamiguy

how to do it?
haxxor the size modifier's values?
07.02.2009 15:53

by gecko.jsc

I don't understand how this is hacked...
To me it just looks like you used some ANSI chars in a different font.
07.02.2009 20:10

by asiekierka

Well, this is making line height 100% and not 120%, so there's no ugly lines between chars, and yes, Origamiguy, haxxoring the size modifier's values.
08.02.2009 16:46

by gecko.jsc

Oh! I get it now. It works in Internet Explorer, but in Google Chrome it looks like normal ANSI.
09.02.2009 20:35

by gecko.jsc

So, is the 'Inspect Element' function in Chrome almost exactly the same thing as FireBug?

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