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Fix-your-ASCII tutorial #1

asciimation by asiekierka, 01.02.2009

01.02.2009 18:21

by asiekierka

I got bored at the end, that's why the end lacks special FX :P
01.02.2009 23:42

by gecko.jsc

Interesting, I might make my own version, just with different methods. I'll give credit to you though.
01.02.2009 23:58

by Neon-J

Watch my movie! (Spammed for spamiing on mine. D:<)
02.02.2009 09:26

by asiekierka

I... I did. :P
02.02.2009 09:27

by asiekierka

Also, i MAY (or may not) make more of these, that's why i labeled it #1!
02.02.2009 11:48

by asiekierka

Who rated my asciimation 1? crazyhobo? is that... you? again?
02.02.2009 12:07

by gecko.jsc

For any mods that happen to see this, is it possible to log ratings? If not then you really need to! We must have a way to see who rated what!
02.02.2009 12:19

by asiekierka

Thanks for a 5, btw!
08.05.2014 22:40

by Gameinsky

I should bump this...

Wait, too late.

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