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asciimation by asiekierka, 16.01.2009

16.01.2009 17:09

by gecko.jsc

What does OHM stand for though?
16.01.2009 17:32

by Bluesboyjr

An ohm is the unit of measurement for electrical resistance. It is named after Georg Ohm, the discoverer of Ohm's Law, a law about resistance in relevance to current and stuff.
16.01.2009 18:25

by gecko.jsc

Right, we did electricity last term in school, but we still didn't learn about that!
24.01.2009 00:59

by Dragonphase

Perfect instrument for an upgrade to my abilities to bend lightning... how much?!
24.01.2009 09:27

by asiekierka

Ohm can generate basically infinite lightning :P

But there's only one Ohm. And it belongs to "The Land of Kierka". Don't try to war with us, we still have Ohm! MUAHAHAHAHA!
27.01.2009 06:39

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

Perfect object to test my Firstborn powered infinite cannon of awesome on...
27.01.2009 16:07

by asiekierka

Actually, Ohm can also charge, what is not shown in this video.

...You don't want to make us start our Chernobyl replica again, do you?

-- Mark of asieLand Team
29.01.2009 04:36

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

Vacuum energy > Ω
Vacuum energy > Nuclear meltdown
4 dimensional bomb > Ω
4 dimensional bomb > Nuclear meltdown
29.01.2009 04:37

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

I claim vacuum energy for myself btw.
29.01.2009 20:40

by origamiguy

i claim a 4 dimensional bomb.
20.06.2009 20:09

by asiekierka


For those not knowing, the 10th dimension is all the universes and multiverses from beginning of time to end of time in a single point. This bomb could theoretically create an ASCIIcrash. HAR HAR HAR!
20.06.2009 20:12

by Gameinsky

11th dimension maybe?
that's the absolute stop!

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