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asciimation by asiekierka, 10.01.2009

10.01.2009 18:12

by miji

Multicolor 'mations hurt my brain. :(
10.01.2009 18:12

by asiekierka

Aww. What monitor do you use? What refresh rate?
10.01.2009 18:18

by miji

Video card: Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS. Refresh rate: 60 Hz.

(I just don't like the way they blink.)
11.01.2009 03:48

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

Being a symmetry freak, I would like the _ in your name.
11.01.2009 09:12

by asiekierka

Fun fact: My nick is actually asiekierka, but I had a registration problem...

...Actually, I'll change it.

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