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Get the Cake!

asciimation by guitarking96, 04.01.2009

04.01.2009 12:00

by RicheyRich

07.01.2009 05:04

by cfive

Using a Portal gun would be even easier!
07.01.2009 17:59

by Bluesboyjr

Is this based on the game Shift?
07.01.2009 18:08

by gecko.jsc

It could have been! (I never thought about that!)
19.01.2009 01:00

by guitarking96

uhm, hold on, it's from another forum...
19.01.2009 22:32

by ddgc (AFK Forever)
Best way ever.
04.09.2009 16:56

by Bionicbeetle

Hm, thought this looked like Shift.
That gives me several Ideas!
But for now I will work on ASCIIplanets.

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