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asciimation by Bluesboyjr, 23.12.2008

23.12.2008 14:43

by Bluesboyjr

This would have originally been #26, but it didn't save and someone else did the next one, so I redid it to fit in with the new #26. The original had heli-flexi-scorpion lifting my manikin off screen and dropping him to his death. Alas, it wasn't to be. CURSE YOU, FAOL!

The UFO  wouldn't have been in the original, though.
23.12.2008 15:01

by origamiguy

i would do the next one, but i'm tired and meant to be doing last-minute christmas shopping
03.01.2009 15:35

by Bluesboyjr

Have you recovered yet?
03.01.2009 15:49

by origamiguy

yup im doing it now
31.05.2009 21:33

by Gameinsky

lol awesome randome!

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