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ASCIImators World Refresh 22

asciimation by asiekierka, 21.12.2008

21.12.2008 15:26

by origamiguy

and me...

hang on am i now in the pizoo dimension?
21.12.2008 15:29

by asiekierka

Possibly. Anyway, we're out of tape, so the dimensions are dead.
21.12.2008 15:33

by origamiguy


so how do i bring it back?
put in a new tape?
21.12.2008 15:33

by origamiguy

actually scratch that - I've just been kicked off the computer.
21.12.2008 15:56

by asiekierka

OrigamiGuyIsEpic: You can't bring it back. You can only try to edit the tape. And how you do that, I don't care.
21.12.2008 16:09

by asiekierka

So, OrigamiGuy, we don't know where you are, so you may even be the ONLY ONE THAT SURVIVED (except me)
21.12.2008 18:37

by Neon-J

Maybe we *munch* could add an *munch* extention to *munch* it? (Oh, i'm eating popcorn while watching, by the way.)
21.12.2008 20:14

by asiekierka

There's no tape stores here in town, and we're out of tape in THE WHOLE HOUSE!!!! *munchMUNCHstealsNeon-Jpopcorn*
21.12.2008 20:15

by asiekierka

%awr_extra: Parts noted for something thoughtful, like comments (*points to these comments*) or their addition.
21.12.2008 22:48

by Bluesboyjr

There's way to much discussion about plot here. Make it up as you go along! You're taking this way too seriously.
22.12.2008 07:20

by asiekierka

AFAIK ASCIImators World was started by me {{but i can't find the #1 anywhere, still, #1.75 shows that I was the first person in}}, and the refresh too, so...

...Actually, as you can see, the purpose was to DO STUFF AROUND. HAVE FUN. And not "FULL RANDOMNESS". This was the outcome, but it wasn't in my vision! You can start plots and the like, but remember, someone may come in and break it for you, so, have fun!
22.12.2008 07:23

by asiekierka - Here's the original now! :P. And episode 31 of Asciimators world was meant to be the ""last"", so uh... we stopped at 30. Somehow. I think. O_O;
22.12.2008 07:24

by asiekierka

And we're just discussing how to finish off my entry that killed off AWR :P
22.12.2008 10:09

by origamiguy

well i have an idea. i'll do it now.
22.12.2008 10:11

by asiekierka

oki! :D

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