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asciimation by gecko.jsc, 18.12.2008

07.06.2011 15:33

by Gameinsky

I am a banana!
07.06.2011 17:48

by gecko.jsc

07.06.2011 18:02

by sepehrnoor

Hey gecko, do you still visit ASCIImator sometimes ? :)
07.06.2011 18:23

by gecko.jsc

Hey sepehrnoor - yeah, all the time, I just don't ASCIImate very often. :]
07.06.2011 19:08

by sepehrnoor

Then why don't you comment more ? :D
Your presence makes me happy ;)
07.06.2011 21:15

by Gameinsky

I'm in contect with gecko on another site, whenever I feel like it I can send him here :P
Yes, he's my puppet, evil-evil meh! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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