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Lava's Lunch

asciimation by gecko.jsc, 04.08.2008

04.08.2008 15:50

by origamiguy

04.08.2008 15:53

by gecko.jsc

I'm starting to like going at 50ms/frame instead of 100!
04.08.2008 16:45

by Neon-J

15.08.2008 03:35

by brutto

wow! =)
im thinkin' of asii games more and more...
15.08.2008 12:22

by origamiguy

you should have it loop - get rid of teh lava somehow at the end...
16.08.2008 03:41

by fire_hurts

I disagree, but I do have a suggestion. While the lava is rising the character stays still. I would try to make him move around some so it feels more natural.

Great effects and ascii! :D
21.08.2008 20:59

by gecko.jsc

umm... Let's just say it's so hot that his feet are stuck to the floor ;)
06.02.2010 22:55

by kelleroid

I'm surprised I have never seen it before.

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