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the T.O.A.S.T.E.R.

asciimation by mcinnis, 17.07.2008

17.07.2008 23:03

by mcinnis

can your robot destroy stuff AND make toast?
18.07.2008 06:01

by cfive

You already know what they say, so I'm not even going to bother!
19.07.2008 11:54

by origamiguy

good sir, my toaster can do absolutely everything EXCEPT make toast!
20.07.2008 14:21

by Bluesboyjr

That's a lot of restraint on cfive's behalf.
21.07.2008 03:39

by cfive

SCATMAN! And origamiguy, since all appliances are named after what they do, what you obviously have is not a toaster, but an everything-but-toasting-er
21.07.2008 17:52

by Bluesboyjr

What about kettles? Kettles don't kettle, and I don't make my cup of Earl Gray in a boiler.

What-ho, old bean!
22.07.2008 13:52

by origamiguy

and watches! watches dont watch!
and remember the watch in spy kids 2 which does so much stuff that theres not enough room for the clock!
22.07.2008 22:00

by cfive

Lol yeah!
04.11.2009 17:45

by Bionicbeetle

I believe that these new times need more Informating.

You know what they say, all Toasters toast toast!
                             Wrong, but hey.-^
20.07.2011 22:37

by CTDS3

My toaster doesn't look like a toaster!!! The square is toast.
 {o   /\                            {o}/
  c-▫>||  ----------------------->  /c   
  |   \/              AAH!          / \
Or:  /\                 o/<------guest
   / ||<----------------/
_c{o \/                /
09.06.2014 21:44

by Gameinsky

I noticed the possible KND reference in the description.
18.10.2016 01:26

by CTDS3

tosty gun that looks like protal is win/10

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