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perfect droid toy

asciimation by karaboz, 30.09.2005

05.10.2005 20:13

by guest

22.02.2006 04:44

by guest

That's just... so.. wrong...
22.02.2006 13:48

by karaboz

no! it's right! (=
15.06.2006 23:47

by Computergeek93

it's right and left!
17.06.2006 23:31

by doomstrawberry

Two lefts make a right! =)
10.07.2006 11:35

by guest

can anyone explain this one? i dont get it!?!?!?!?!
12.08.2007 14:46

by Dragonphase

Ok, the droid is budging dots out of the way on its way to
the other end, but on the way back, it puts the dots back
in place... and btw... ITS AWESOME
13.10.2007 19:08

by gecko.jsc

I agree!! It's really good!!!
11.07.2008 20:04

by origamiguy

<actually genuine true fact>

That was amazing!

</actually genuine true fact>

Clearly html/xml tags dont work on asciimator.
16.06.2017 12:42

by eddsfan

This looks like something that should be in the ASCIIzoo!

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