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AsciiCafe #1.s7

asciimation by ddgc (AFK Forever), 21.06.2008

22.06.2008 00:01

by doomstrawberry

thanks for landing on my ashes lol
22.06.2008 05:49

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

Everyone else disappeared.
And where else to land?
22.06.2008 13:22

by Neon-J

I didn't.
I ran away.
22.06.2008 13:23

by Neon-J

Oh YAY! I'm finally allowed to comment!
23.06.2008 09:46

by asiekierka

Oh god, you're doing it ALL WRONG :(

The numbering.

it should be #7.s1!

#1.s7 means "Seventh Subversion of AsciiCafe no. 1"
#7.s1 means "First Subversion of AsciiCafe no. 7"

And i'm reserving #8.s1!
23.06.2008 09:47

by asiekierka

Subversion means, if you're doing the eight ASCIIcafe, and when you're uploading, somebody else did it already, you change #8.s1 to #8.s2! Then we have 2 branches!

So the format is: #(number).s(branch).
24.06.2008 18:46

by cfive

I think you mean sub-version. =D

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