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The Trade

asciimation by doomstrawberry, 31.05.2008

31.05.2008 04:38

by doomstrawberry

yes i am back for real this time.
31.05.2008 16:52

by Stellar


Nice! :D
31.05.2008 22:13

by doomstrawberry

yes, the talking is supposed to be choppy
01.06.2008 02:18

by cfive

Have you seen the Christma----- OOOPS! POLITICAL CORRECTION TIME! Have you seen the holiday special? It's hilarious!
01.06.2008 02:22

by fire_hurts

Most of the time, politically correct is incorrect. So, by the governing powers vested in me, I give you all rights to saying the word "Christmas"
01.06.2008 03:17

by cfive

Hmm.... you're right, I never really thought of it that way, because taking references to holidays out of public places is an unconstutional violation of freedom of speech.... hmmm....

 |      |
  \____/ O
  / |
   / \
  /   \
01.06.2008 03:18

by cfive

I also seem to have commented on the wrong asciimation....hehe....
01.06.2008 03:18

by cfive

I was talking about decline of video games btw....
01.06.2008 11:00

by Bluesboyjr

And how does that relate to political correctness? And any asciimation?
01.06.2008 22:12

by cfive

Like I said, wrong asciimation....

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